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HP- Lab

Our ultimate goal is to build a new dynamic laboratory network where academic knowhow and scientific skills meet practices and experiences on grassroots sports, focusing on participants and individual's real needs.

Main Features

  • Creation of a new and innovative channel for good practices exchange and health promotion
  • Practices can become the basis for effective results and follow up, reaching directly the targets groups and final beneficiaries

Who can participate

Grassroots sport clubs, associations, participating organizations and experts team

Why to enter HP- Lab

  • Promoting integration and synergies in the field of sport, health, education and training, fosters the role of sport settings as informal educational organization, able to cooperate for health promotion within a common perspective and shared action plans
  • Sunergies in national and transnational level create competitive advantages for stakeholders- members of HP-Lab
  • Cooperation between sports clubs and other sport settings strengthens stakeholders role as well as their impact on community
  • Improvement of stakeholders capacity
  • Contribution to improve public health through the implementation of Health Promotion programs

How to participate

The HP-Lab works both at local and at transnational levels, ensuring the exchange of practices and the collaboration in the long run. The partners commit themselves to promote the Erasmus project by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) that will enter into force after the end of the project and will ensure that the long lasting effect of the achieved results.

The MoC includes the objectives to mobilize other sport and health settings to enter the HP-Lab after the signature of a Declaration of Honour for HP networking. The concept of the Health Promoting Sports Club can be adapted by partners, but also exported at other sport clubs internationally with a notion of taking national and local characteristics into account.