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About us

Our vision is to change life approach and bring a new cultural and social perspective

We are a group of six (6) partners from Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece who decided to use creatively our diverse experience, expertise and capacity in the field of Sports, Youth, Scientific Research and Quality of Life as to promote our common vision for cultural change and creation of new concepts for a healthy lifestyle and well being.

To achieve our main goal we formulate and implement gradually and in a targeted way the "Health Promotion at Sport Clubs" (HP@SC). A project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union which becomes for us the vehicle for establishing sports as a pillar for education and social inclusion tool and for encouraging networking among "health oriented sport settings" such as sport clubs.

The HP@SC project addresses the Erasmus project objectives and is consistent with the EU regulations and perspectives, in particular with the White Paper on sport, the HEPA recommendation, the Communication "Developing the European Dimension in sport" and the Council Resolution on the "EU Work Plan for Sport".