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Our Mission

One of the sport club functions is to develop citizens with a healthy self-esteem, proper social skills and sport lifestyle. This requires both sport and social activities at the club, plus health promotion.

We seek to enlarge the role of sport clubs through "opening their gates" to associations, local groups, health experts and others involved in sport industry and show them the way to new well -being directions.

The creation of a health oriented network (HP-Lab) will give them access to action plans, good practices and guidelines for a Health Promotion Framework.

Athletes, sports stakeholders, parents and children will benefit from an innovative approach to sport clubs which aims to safeguard their physical and mental health improvement as well as their social inclusion.

HP can change the operational principles, regulations, and/or practices of the grassroots sport clubs

Our objectives

The project aims at:

  • innovating the sport clubs approach to health related issues towards a new structured strategy based on good practices and scientific evidences
  • changing the common passive educational approach of grassroots sport clubs to a more active and aware pattern, where health education and health promotional activities took place both during workout sessions in the playgrounds and during open events conducted by health experts and coaches together
  • creating new condition for sport clubs involvement in the social and educational process through involving stakeholders and stockholders
  • innovating the governance at grassroots level

Why sport clubs?

There is a general understanding about the sport benefits for health and social inclusion among people attending sport clubs, but the scarcity of resources does not allow to develop specific health promotion programs and social activities.

Beyond this understanding, it is necessary first of all to increase the willingness of the club boards to mobilize resources for a different scope, instead of tournaments and trainings. Sport clubs should and could look at Health Promotion (HP) activities also with a marketing and sustainable perspective: Health Promotion can attract people at the clubs and can increase new members.

When health promotion programs are executed at sport clubs, they become a vehicle through which more profound goals are aimed at, such as to make nutrition a natural part of the everyday coaching practice, or to promote nutrition right approach for all.


Why networking?

As local educational units, sports clubs should cooperate with other sport settings in a regular basis if they want to become more effective and obtain an actual health impact on communities. Through networking, sports clubs will improve their capacity to work together outside tournaments and implement Health Promotion programs contributing to improve public health.