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Grassroots Sport Association Tennis Club Vicenza

Grassroots Sport Association Tennis Club Vicenza was established in 1933 when a group of people, who believed in creating an environment for tennis players and a place where people could socialize, invested in the refurbishment of the so called "club del Volo". Since then many activities have been developed in order to become an important point of reference both for athletes and citizens.

More then 17.000 square meters sport surface is available for tennis, mini football, tennis table, physical activity and beach tennis. A swimming pool and a sauna complete the sport and health offer. Play cards area and rooms for social activities are available for all the participants.

Nowadays, the CTV Management Board is steered by a group of experts working on a voluntary basis; among them there are doctors, lawyers and managers. They started a process of renewal of both the club's policies and activity programs, promoting both the innovation of workout sessions and social activities for all. On the one side, the technical staff has been assisted by health experts (nutritionist, psychologist and physical trainer) providing the athletes proper support to improve their performances; on the other side, events opened to all, have been organized on health topics and on sport related health benefits.

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Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs – CCEIA

The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs is an independent non-profit-making research center and think-tank, associated with the University of Nicosia. Since its establishment in 1993 the Center (formerly known as Research Center-Intercollege), has sought to advance research, contribute to the study and analysis of important economic, political, social and strategic issues of concern to Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the European Union at large.

The main thrust of its activities revolves around the engagement in national and international research projects, the organization of international symposia, conferences, round-table discussions, seminars, as well as the publication of books, policy-papers, studies, conference papers and research reports. The Center aims to enhance strategic thinking in Cyprus, encourage debate and analysis of current affairs and other issues, promote a constructive dialogue and create lasting partnerships.

In addition the Center cooperates with overseas academic and research institutions such as the L. Lemnitzer Center for NATO and EU Studies of Kent State University, the Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), the Southeast Europe Association (Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft - SOG) in Munich, the Center for European Policy Studies - CEPS in Brussels, the European Policy Institutes Network – EPIN in Brussels and the Institute for European Studies of the University of Jerusalem.

With the support of a wide network of top academics and experts in Cyprus and overseas and the participation in EU and other research programs and projects, the Center seeks to advance quality scientific research, provide comprehensive and incisive analyses of current and other critical issues and affairs and pursue a fruitful academic and public debate.

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Cell of Alternative Youth Activities- KEAN

Kean is an inclusive youth society. The organization's main goal is to pursue activities leading to the improvement of life quality, focusing on the protection of the environment including the promotion of new technologies, youth education and rights, creative experience in the field of sports, volunteerism and environment.

We strongly believe that quality of life presupposes the existence of a healthy participatory democratic society. As such we devote special attention to include activities that support social minorities and disadvantaged social groups in their fights against discrimination, racism and violence.

To succeed in our goals, our strategy is to pursue a range of activities through a variety of methods while placing the highest possible degree of creativity and innovation. In KEAN we believe that we can only be effective by focusing on more than one type of activity and thematic field.

KEAN has a great experience in drafting, coordinating and monitoring European, as well as, national projects, but also in the implementation of educational programs addressed to children. Among other projects, KEAN has participated in a Youth in Action program in Bursa, Turkey- organized in collaboration with Keles sports association "Keles Gençlik Spor Tobluluğu". The purpose of that project was to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports activities and wholesome nutrition.

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"Union for development of sport and sports culture Footura"- FOOTURA

Footura is a non-government organization that develops and supports various sports (including football, mini-football, tennis, athletics, chess, field hockey, table-tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc.), healthy and active lifestyle – by organizing assistance and support to relevant teams, tournaments and other events for charity, demonstrative or competitive purposes both on national and international levels. FOOTURA also promotes all kind of activities connected with sport and cultural tourism and exchange programs.

All the activities are oriented on grassroots model of practicing sports and we strive to continually attract new people to practice sports and active lifestyle and keep the ideas of Footura organization.

The association aims at promoting amateur and college sports in order to motivate young people and athletes to be active and to see the benefits of healthy lifestyle. We successfully make events and charity tournaments with social meaning. Till now - for 1.5 year since our existing as a sports association, we have made over 50 sports events and few seminars, we won several (internal and external) projects, we applied and won few smaller projects in sports area, we executed projects with Sofia municipality, Ministry of Education of Bulgaria, etc.. All our past and future projects and events are directed only to sports and sports values.

"We believe that the active way of living, practicing of various sports on amateur level is the key for good sport education to children and youths, for mentally and physically healthier society, for better sport base for future professional sportsmen, etc".

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Unione Sportiva Maria Ausiliatrice Associazione Dilettantistica- USMA

The USMA sports association was founded in 1963 by a group of parents who believed in the importance of involving children and adults in the world of sport. It is an amateur sports organization and is based in the town of Padua in the north east of Italy. It has been serving the communities of Caselle and Selvazzano for over 50 years. The association has over 450 members and caters mainly for teenagers and children.

It is a multisport organization divided into five categoriesfootball, volleyball, basketball,athleticsand fitness courses. The official colours of the club are red and yellow. It offers a series of innovative projects with the aim of promoting health and social skills through sport. The main aims of the association are to

  • encourage and promote sports activities for all ages.
  • provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in sports activities.
  • encourage Players and Parents/Guardians to participate in sports activities in a sporting and self-disciplined manner
  • encourage all players to fulfil their potential at all ages through the help of qualified coaches & assistants
  • organise training courses for people working in the field of sports

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Tenis klub Olimpija- TKO

TENIS KLUB OLIMPIJA, is one of the oldest tennis clubs in Slovenia. It is Ljubljana's trademark with reputable tradition. We have 200 recreational players and 100 kids at the tennis school. Club is organizing tournaments and leagues for Slovene tennis association. Our kids are successfully competing in all categories, what puts us among the best tennis clubs in Slovenia.

We believe tennis is a sport that represents life. Every player has to struggle every point if he/she wants to continue with the game. Tennis trains persistence, awareness that we have to rely on our own. Tennis gives us skills, how to survive in this crazy world.

But not only competitions are our priority. Basically, we are social club and our motto is: WE RAISE PEOPLE, NOT ONLY TENNIS PLAYERS. Daily we take care for their well-being, values, confidence, friendships. We have responsibility of their grow, because kids spend most of afternoons at the club – with us – that's why not only tennis is important.

We would like to continue that way. Project HP@SC will help to upgrade our work. We would like to share our philosophy to other clubs and schools. World is losing humanity and we have to stop it. Let begin today. Let's start with you!

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