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Work packages

The activities necessary to achieve objectives and expected results of the project have been planned and grouped in the following thematic Work packages:


Work package 1 MANAGEMENT:

Activities:The coordinator project manager (CTV) along with the project managers assigned by other partners, are responsible for the overall management of the project. They supervise the implementation of the project's Work Packages, activities and financial issues as well as the monitoring and the actions reporting

Objectives:Ensure effective and efficient implementation and reporting of outputs and monitor the compliance of results with project scope

Outputs:Management toolkit MT, minutes-Steering Committee decisions, quality internal report, monitoring system/indicators, reports

Results:Sound project management and achievement of all the goals and objectives of the project

Leading Partner:CTV


Activities:Definition of Visual Identity and Rules, formulation of the communication and mainstreaming plan, creation of website and Sourcebook (electronic platform for storing good practices, regulation, studies and researches about Health Promotion), opening social media pages, elaboration of news t o be published, organizing press conferences, elaboration of project brochure and partners brochures (national language)

Objectives:Increase the knowledge framework on HP at Sport Clubs and HEPA (guidelines European Union), mainstream the HP practices at sport clubs, disseminate and capitalize project outcomes in the widest context

Outputs:Visual identity, communication and mainstream plan, web site, sourcebook, web news, press conferences, general brochure (English), stakeholders brochure (national)

Results:Dissemination of project outcomes to the general public, mostly through the use of web tools and social networks

Leading Partner:KEAN

Work package 3 Health Promotion JOIN FRAMEWORK:

Activities:Define the toolkit to involve stakeholders and stockholders in the elaboration of the Health Promotion Joint Framework (HPJF) for sport clubs, involve stakeholders (public authorities, sports federations, schools,etc ). and target groups ( sports clubs and associations, parents, etc), involve stockholders to verify their interest in supporting HP activities at sport clubs, identify good practices in the fields of health promotion at sport clubs and sharing among the partners, share the Health Promotion approach at sport clubs ( notably tennis, volleyball, basketball and football), elaborate the Join Health Promotion Framework (HPJF), elaborate experimental action plans for sport clubs (tennis, volleyball, basketball, football)

Objectives:Increase stakeholders and stockholders involvement and commitments in the field of HP at SC, better sport governance patterns enlarging the sport clubs influence and potential in HP, provide tools for Work Package 4 development and follow up

Outputs:Good practices studies and researches form/report, participated-planning toolkit, stakeholders meetings, stockholders meetings, Join Health Promotion Framework (JHPF), EAP 4 tennis, EAP 4 volleyball, EAP 4 basketball, EAP 4 football

Results:Share good practices, build Joint Health Promotion Framework and related Experimental Actions to be developed in sport clubs during the project life and in the long run with the support of stakeholders, stockholders and sponsors

Leading Partner:CCEIA


Activities:Organizing HP Weeks at sport clubs (workshops, laboratories, training sessions etc), events "Keep sports in your healthy life" and training modules

Objectives:Promote sport and related health benefits to stimulate inactive people to take part at club and sport activities, develop social activities to increase the sport clubs offer, improve health awareness of the targets groups, better managers and coaches skills , competences and understanding about sport and health relation

Outputs:Wellbeing weeks, HP events, experimental training modules

Results:Concrete actions of Health Promotion which are developed during the project life becoming successively good practices for capitalization and mainstreaming

Leading Partner:TKO


Activities:Elaborating, sharing and signing the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) including health approach within their sport club programs, establish HP-Lab, identify other sport clubs/associations/organizations potentially interested in entering the HP LAB

Objectives:Increase the networking among sport and health settings both at local than at the transnational level, ensure the mainstreaming of the HP approach at sport clubs

Outputs:Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), Declaration of Honour (DoH)

Results:Ensure the project follow up

Leading Partner:CTV